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Bharat.live is a unit of ileads Auxiliary Services Pvt Ltd. It has come up with an online Video communication application for one to one chat, meetings, conferences, and webinars. It is scalable, and unlimited members can join communication for an uninterrupted, fast, and secure video meeting without downloading an application to connect.

Its cost-effectiveness ensures the value for money with reduced travel, video communication, and additional cost for hardware. Moreover, it saves the carbon cost of travel to the environment. All features are available with monthly, annual, and enterprise payment tiers. The most secure and trusted AES 256 Bit Encryption makes it impenetrable to hackers, faster, and efficient for uninterrupted video communication. HIPPA compliance ensures secure user authentication, legal information storage, and reports generation with access control, audit controls, integrity controls, and transmission security.

Application is customizable for one to one chat in a private meeting room, virtual meetings among multiple participants, or webinars. It has data centers at strategic internet access points for superfast connectivity and communication. Doctors can consult their patients, teachers can teach learners, physical instructors can demonstrate steps and postures, and people can enjoy parties remotely.

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