Corporates can revolutionize the way corporate conducts the business in terms of meetings, interviews, recruitments, business communication, new product or service launch, customer interaction, employee retention, and grievance handling.

  • Face to face interviews in the office premises can give way to the interview on videoconferences. It will save commutation time and travel costs for candidates and companies. For recruiters, it would expedite the recruitment process with prompt selection or rejection of candidates.
  • Management can communicate company policies, guidelines, and process updates to its employees over a video conference.
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly meetings may happen on a video conference with a geographically distributed team across the globe.
  • One to one interaction with the employee is also possible with more engagement with the employees. Managers can instruct and guide them for a task, issue, or concern.
  • You can see visual cues in body language from participants, discern their concerns or response, and address them. This visibility is not possible in instant messages, emails, or other media of communication.
  • The Marketing team can showcase its new products and services over video communication.
  • Remotely, the marketing and sales team can interact with their customers to retain and expand the customer base.
  • In a factory or manufacturing set up, industrial relations and grievance handling are possible with video conference among multiple stakeholders.
  • Organizational representatives can speak to their stakeholders, such as investors, shareholders, suppliers, and vendors.
  • Bharat. Live can act as an employee training tool online. For training, almost all companies required their employees to travel to headquarters. Now, with online communication, organizations can significantly reduce training costs because they will not have to spend on their accommodation, food, stationery, and travel.
  • The choice to work from home, less travel, close relationships with remote team members improves work-life balance, which in turn results in employee retention.
  • Fast decision making and issue resolution improve efficiency and productivity.
  • With all the aspects, video conferencing provides a competitive advantage with collaboration and productivity improvement.

1. Demonstrate product and service

You can demonstrate a physical product and detail its specifications and benefits to prospective customers. For services, you can illustrate its benefits to the clients with data and testimonials.

2. Audit, taxation, and accounting

Accountants (Chartered Accountants) can discuss and share matters related to audits, taxation, assurance, and cost. They can also provide advisory services to the clients.

3. Interview and Recruitment

Through a video communication session, HR and functional experts can interview to select the right candidates. For this to happen, they need not wait for them to come to the office for the recruitment process.

4. Internal Communication

Companies can communicate with their employees over a video conference remotely for day to day operations to monitor the progress of projects.

5. Corporate Communication

Communication over video conferences is possible to various external agencies that deal with organizations in the macro-environment.

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