Videoconferencing on can make a world of difference in the way doctors carry on their practice. can go a long way to ensure prompt treatment, timely counseling, and diagnosis. You can connect with multiple patients at the same time with our scalable application from your comfort zone.

  • Doctors can diagnose the patients and prescribe required medicines.
  • Psychologists Mental Health Life Coach can counsel patients over videoconferencing for the treatment of depression, anxiety, phobias, panic disorders, stress-related problems, relationship problems, and severe mental disorders. An online diagnosis of psychological issues is also possible.
  • Ayurved or Naturopaths can suggest lifestyle changes and therapies for the physical wellbeing of patients.
  • Acupuncture specialists can demonstrate the body points to press for physical ailments.
  • Dieticians and nutritionists can advise on diet change for conditions like diabetes, heart disease, food allergies, and all other ailments. For an average person, they can suggest the intake of food for a balanced diet.
  • Art, music, dance, and color therapists can also guide their patients to heal quickly.
  • Moreover, Patients need not drive in heavy traffic and wait for hours to see the doctor.
  • Doctors can list their services, fees, and timings for live sessions.
  • You can attend to a critically ailing person when you are beyond reach to them. Time is critical during an emergency.
  • It will improve your access to people, and you can reach out to patients in remote rural areas and disaster areas affected by natural calamities. Specialized doctors and healthcare facilities are scarce in these areas.
  • Patients can approach expert doctors available outside their country for better healthcare.
  • Patients are more likely to show up for online appointments even in case of transport disruption in their area.
  • You can conveniently treat patients with disabilities, movement disorders, and mental issues.
  • Patients with addiction feel stigmatized to approach doctors and hospitals for treatment. Remote treatment will mitigate their stress level and discomfort.
  • Doctors can share their knowledge and skills with colleagues and junior healthcare professionals without traveling to their places. Medical training is possible with experts around the world.

1. Medical Consulting

Doctors can ask about the symptoms with patients to have proper diagnosis over the video communication.

2. Give prescriptions and Tests

Based on diagnosis and symptoms, doctors can prescribe medicines and pathological tests to be conducted.

3. Check Test Reports

They can see the report and advise future courses of action for the patients.

4. Advice Life Style Changes

To improve health, doctors can advise lifestyle changes to patients in terms of exercise, dietary precautions, and other physiological factors.

5. Follow-up consulting

Patients can take appointments and approach the doctor for subsequent consultation about the progress in health conditions.

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