Online Socializing

You can socialize even when you cannot venture out to clubs, parties, outings, picnic, tours, or pilgrimage. Our video communication application provides a platform to interact remotely with your people irrespective of location. You can hang out virtually with

  • You can transmit feelings and emotions with the visual interface of because these feelings are visible through facial expression, body language, actions, and gestures in video communication. Thus, it can show deeper personal connections like face to face interaction.
  • Like offline socialization, online socializing can also promote the feeling of security and belongingness, and kill loneliness.
  • You can have online socializing even when you are not feeling well, or you do not have resources to go over to your friends for a meeting.
  • Online socialization has eliminated many restrictions as compared to traditional face to face interaction.
  • You can connect with your people any time around the clock for communication.  You are not restricted to the geographical area you reside in. With traditional socialization, you can interact with only people around you in the same city or town. So, Location is also no limitation because you are digitally connected with video communication.
  • It is particularly crucial for people who live away from family and friends. You can feel socially connected.

1. Get Together

You can invite all your friends and family for all kind of gets together. Participants can see and interact with each other for the celebration.

2. Connecting with spouses

Spouses can connect when they are far apart for personal or professional reasons.

3. Connecting with friends

 You can connect with friends for a casual chat when they are based out of different locations.

4. Alumni Meet

Former students can come together for an alumni meet at the video conference.

5. Birthday party among children

Children can join in celebrating a birthday party

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