Bharat.live can bring about a range of benefits to the teachers and learners both in terms of cost reduction, investment, commutation, marketing, class size, timings, and the market teachers can serve. Teachers and subject matter experts can use video conferencing technology to bring collaboration and quality to the classroom.

  • With conventional teaching, you can impart knowledge to the people who live in your city or town. With video conferencing, the only sky is the limit for the market you can target and serve. You can go beyond the national or regional geographical boundaries to expand the circle of learners.
  • Classroom teaching involves a lot of investment for real estate, furniture, electricity, air conditioner, and parking. You can do without all these expenses with online education enabled by Bharat. Live.
  • Since the virtual classroom does not require anyone to commute from one place to the other place. Neither teacher nor students incur an unnecessary traveling cost.
  • With Bharat. Live, you can have direct contact with students as well as parents. So, parent meeting is also possible remotely. You can apprise parents about the progress of their children. 
  • Bharat. Live facilitates out-of-class learning to enrich students even after the formal classes end.
  • Your personality, aura, and knowledge will exhibit on students and parents both. This way, you grow your business with word-of-mouth marketing.
  • With Bharat. Live, there is no limit to the number of students in a class. You can instruct many students at the same time.
  • Online classes are more comfortable for students with physical disabilities and students who tend to avoid face to face interaction for some reason.
  • Teachers can make it more engaging and lively with student’s participation.
  • Teachers can get feedback and suggestions for improvement with interaction.
  • You can target students in remote rural areas because internet penetration has changed the scene in villages. It is suitable for inclusive education because there are not enough funds to create good teaching infrastructure for the school in communities.
  • You can give assignments to the students.
  • Language teachers can give accent and pronunciation training to the students.

1. Deliver a lecture

You can deliver a lecture over a video conference on a subject. At the same time, you can see students' gestures to ensure that they have understood a point. Students can comment and engage in verbal discussion.

2. Dispel the doubts

With Bharat.live, you can conduct a question-answer session to clear the doubts of students.

3. Illustrate the students

You can illustrate students with diagrams, charts, and graphs to explain complex subjects.

4. Examine students

You can ask questions to students about the topic covered and get to know where they stand in learning something.

5. Speak to parents

You can speak to parents about the progress of their children online. Sometimes it is difficult for parents to attend the parent-teacher meeting due to work assignments or outside travel.

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